August 8, 2022

Please report back results for all steps given so I know what else to suggest if necessary. Make sure you are signed into the game and MS Store at top right corner Profile icon. Battery-buffered technologies make this possible now using the location’s current power, without waiting for the utility build-outs necessary for legacy L3 chargers.

  • ‘Merge’ helps join multiple video files, whether they are in different formats or from different gadgets.
  • Under the Recovery options section, you need to click the Reset PC button to continue.
  • Some users have reported that old audio drivers often break sound on Windows 11.
  • Windows 10 does not require any specific audio drivers.

This is rare, but occasionally I’ll run across information indicating a driver has a potential security issue. I’ll consider updating, depending on the hardware and the issue. Keeping drivers updated, or even just knowing when and what to update, is not a simple task. Depending on when my most recent automated backup was, I may create an image backup before I begin. If anything goes wrong with the update process, I can always revert to this backup. This is a case where only an image backup will do, since it includes all of Windows, including your current drivers and everything else on the machine.

Restart GeForce Experience in services.msc

Incompatible drivers of the graphics card can also be responsible for the error. Using either of these options, you will be able to revert your system’s NVIDIA GPU driver to its previous stable version that worked well for your hardware and software configuration. If you are opting for proprietary drivers, you should go with the latest one unless you encounter some graphics issue. In those cases, opt for an older version of the driver and see if that works fine for you. For some systems, Nouveau works pretty well while for some it could create issues like blank screen or poor display. You may switch to proprietary drivers in such cases.

You can download Snappy Driver Installer from here. To update the drivers, go to Device Manager and find the HDMI audio device under the “Sound, video and game controllers” section and right-click it. Select “Update driver” from the contextual menu. You will see a list of processes that are running in the background. Right-click the USB audio device and select Update driver.

A new window will open up in which all the devices that are installed on your computer will be shown. It will have a safe and automatic scan on your computer to check driver issues. Luckily, there are top 6 solutions to fix this sound not working windows 10 issue on your computer.

Why does my mouse and keyboard stop working Windows 10?

Recently, we see many people complain about no sound issue after updating drivers. This is a big problem, and it will destroy PC gamers’ gaming experience and performance especially. Today’s article will focus on this part, and let’s see how to fix no sound after driver update. Generally, the no sound issue can appear after updating Nvidia graphics or Realtek drivers.

It’s important to note that after you choose and execute one of these three options, you will need to rerun the application to begin the installation itself. Once the installation process begins, you will be prompted by a standard End User Licence Agreement. You will need to accept it and move forward. However, there are two different options for accepting. It’s possible that there will be some “leftovers” in the system’s registry and that you might need a deeper uninstallation process. Windows 10 will automatically search for drivers when you first install the card.

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